Hi I'm Cheraldine, or Cherie to most who know me. I live in a small town in England and have been creating art from a young age. Playing around with different mediums to see which one suited my style best.

As I got older art/creating things became a way for me to unwind after a hard day, as my worries would melt away as I became absorbed into a new creation.

I started experimenting with Acrylic paints, a little later down the line, to create more abstract works as realism didn't suit my mood. I loved the freedom of working in an abstract style, as it can be interpreted in so many different ways and you never get the same look twice. 

One thing I love about Acrylic is, if you make a mistake you can paint over it! Each layer can create a unique texture once the paint has dried and again if you don't like it you can start over. 

What I have created has been inspired by colours found in nature, things around my home, watching videos and some from colours I see whilst browsing through social media. 

Whilst art isn't something new to me, my appreciation for it has grown. It has helped me over the years through some dark times, allowing me to express my feelings through a safe medium.

My art isn't just limited to paintings, I also like to sculpt and work with clay or on up-cycling projects, giving new life to unloved objects. You can find these in my Etsy shop CheraldineWCreations.etsy.com

I hope when you browse through my store you find something you love. Something that makes you say "I need to own that"